Hi! I'm Kevin Bader.

I'm a Senior Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services. Prior to that, my roles were Cloud Transformation Architect and Senior Manager at Accenture, and lecturer at FH Technikum Wien.

I support our customers on their cloud journey, and work with them on solving their business problems, which is a lot of fun. Having a strong software engineering background, I put a strong emphasis on domain-driven design, team independence, engineering excellency, and developer happiness. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, playing the guitar, and traveling.

I hold a master's degree in Software Engineering & Internet Computing from Vienna University of Technology. I enjoy speaking at conferences (and I'm really happy about post-covid real-life conferences).

I used to maintain the open source project Reactive Interaction Gateway, which is an scaleable reverse proxy, written in Elixir. Its main feature is forwarding backend events to frontends via Server-Sent Events or WebSockets.

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